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Using Omeka to Design Digital Art History Projects

2017 February 22
by Sheila

Using Omeka to Design Digital Art History Projects opening slideLast week at the College Art Association 2017 conference,  I chaired and presented at an Omeka-centered panel,  “Using Omeka to Design Digital Art History Projects.” The panel demonstrated how art historians, visual resource librarians, and material culturalists are designing digital art history projects with Omeka to teach threshold concepts in the field.

The panel comprised two members of the Omeka for Art Historians working group that I convened last year at CAA 2016, as an advisors for theme and plugin development geared to the needs of art historians and visual culturalists.

Katherina Fostano, Curator of Visual Resources, and Barbara E. Mundy, Professor of Art History, from Fordham University discussed their collaboration in teaching with Omeka and Neatline in art history classes, Image Mapping with Neatline for Class Projects. Kimon Keramidas, Associate Director and Clinical Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities, at New York University, presented on “Object-Oriented Pedagogy and Digital Storytelling: The Content Management System as Nonlinear Narrative Platform”

I am so impressed with the innovative pedagogy implemented at Fordham and NYU that Omeka has been able to facilitate.

I discussed the working group’s goals, workflows, and products. All of this work was funded by a small development grant awarded by the Getty Foundation, because it was a direct outcome of ideas that Kimon and I developed following his guest lecture to RRCHNM’s Doing Digital Art History summer institute in 2014.

Below are the slides from my talk:

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